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CP 2sides DCQ+ Warm / Priority Light

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DCQ+ =  D ominant  C olour  Q uality plus a second priority Double sided... more
Product information "CP 2sides DCQ+ Warm / Priority Light"

DCQ+ = Dominant Colour Quality plus a second priority

Double sided ColorPocket color fan (front 40 + back 120) in a harmonising combination of warm shades with the second priority "light". Drawing a cross on the ideal shade (on the back side) will give your client personal advice that they can take with them into daily life. When folded in its clear case it fits into the smallest of pockets. When unfolded it shows a detailed and informative color scheme that is assorted with extreme care.

The front pages for this color fan series are available in English.

All images are examples. Colors, changes in shades, color order and arrangements are reserved.

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