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☞ ColorFlag Analysing Cloths ☞ ColorFlag Business Business Analysing Cloths ☞ ColorJoker Color Collars ☞ ColorJoker pastellColor Collars Pastel for Blouses, Shirts and Wedding Dresses ☞ ColorPocket Printed Color Fans in Compact Size ☞ ColorPocket XL Printed Color Fans in Extra Size for Seminars ☞ ColorFriend Folding Color Cards With 8 Pages ☞ ColorDisc Round Color Fans ☞ ColorMiniDisc Round Color Fans in Small Size ☞ ColorPoster Posters for Information and Decoration ☞ ColorTeint MiniDisc Round Color Fans in Small Size for Make up Suggestions ☞ ColorTeint Palette Color Fans for Skin Tone Analysis ☞ FlagFolder Fabric Color Fans to Fold out ☞ FlicFlag Fabric Color Fans to Swing out ☞ PocketFlag Large Sized Fabric Color Fans to Swing out ☞ JokerBag Transport Bag for ColorJoker ☞ ColorFlag Bag Transport Bag for Analysing Cloths ☞ ColorBoni Vouchers  ☞ SampleBox Fabric Samples of All Color Nunaces ☞ Freestyle Do it Yourself Color Fans BluffShirt Shirt Collars in Classical Whites