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Hello, you are here in the Colorcircus webshop. On these pages, professional colour, style and image consultants, trainers and colour schools will find a variety of products related to their field of activity. We have also developed our range for dedicated hairdressers, opticians, visagists and similar occupational groups. We do not deliver our products to end users. We only supply professionals worldwide: Because we want good, expert advice on every product and value the professional claim behind it. Detailed product information and prices are therefore only available to registered visitors. You can get to the registration form here.

Are you just interested or curious? Even then, you are very welcome to us. Also take a look around on our homepage and here in the shop - and go on a little journey of discovery. Enjoy it!

☞ ColorFlag Analysing Cloths ☞ ColorFlag Business Business Analysing Cloths ☞ ColorJoker Color Collars ☞ ColorJoker pastellColor Collars Pastel for Blouses, Shirts and Wedding Dresses ☞ ColorPocket Printed Color Fans in Compact Size ☞ ColorPocket XL Printed Color Fans in Extra Size for Seminars ☞ ColorFriend Folding Color Cards With 8 Pages ☞ ColorDisc Round Color Fans ☞ ColorMiniDisc Round Color Fans in Small Size ☞ ColorPoster Posters for Information and Decoration ☞ ColorTeint MiniDisc Round Color Fans in Small Size for Make up Suggestions ☞ ColorTeint Palette Color Fans for Skin Tone Analysis ☞ FlagFolder Fabric Color Fans to Fold out ☞ FlicFlag Fabric Color Fans to Swing out ☞ PocketFlag Large Sized Fabric Color Fans to Swing out ☞ JokerBag Transport Bag for ColorJoker ☞ ColorFlag Bag Transport Bag for Analysing Cloths ☞ ColorBoni Vouchers  ☞ SampleBox Fabric Samples of All Color Nunaces ☞ Freestyle Do it Yourself Color Fans BluffShirt Shirt Collars in Classical Whites