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In a broader sense, we consider products to be sustainable, which are long-term and frequently used because of their high-quality material, careful production and design, and which are as useful and helpful appreciated throughout their whole "product life".



New: We are gradually switching our packaging bags to recycled paper!

The plastic bags still in use are made from PE-, PPP and OPP film. The new cardboard boxes used are made of recycled material. We also use already used, but still well-preserved cartons for shipping, which we particularly label. This reuse is not only better for our environment, it also makes economic sense and is just: Sustainable. As a filler, in addition to bubble wrap and air cushions made of PE, recycled packaging paper reused comes into our parcels.

If you are not only happy about our recycled design papers from our own production, but also use them again as wrapping paper, they have fulfilled their sustainable purpose twice!




Overview of the used materials

Transparent plastic:

We do not use PVC, but transparent plastic made of polypropylene (PP) with the following product characteristics for the carrier plates and cases of the PocketFlag and FlicFlag fabric color pockets, as well as the protective covers of all ColorPockets:

  • Halogen-free, without ozone layer-damaging substances
  • Inert waste, non-toxic and 100% recyclable
  • Emissions resulting from combustion: Carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O)


Etuis for FlagFolder fabric color trays:

We produce the etuis for the FlagFolder fabric color fans of polyethylene (PE), which fits the high requirements for optics, haptics, function and the greatest possible environmental compatibility of this product:

  • PE retains its properties permanently. The fabric fans are thus protected for "stressful" inserts and a long service life.
  • The production of PE is relatively clean and efficient: The emission of pollutants is minimal, almost no waste is generated.
  • PE is very well recyclable. Due to its thermoplastic properties, it can be re-melted almost indefinitely and processed again into new film products.
  • High efficiency: The ratio between material application (weight) and functionality is almost unbeatable. With a minimum use of material, requirements are met with the most rigorous tests regarding stability and environmental friendliness.


Additional etuis for ColorPocket color fans:

The handmade etuis for the ColorPockets are carefully produced in different materials in tailor-made quality:

  • Genuine leather from rests of the production of high-quality accessories and garments
  • Velour in a sympathetic "wild leather haptics" made of animal-free synthetic material
  • Fashionable felt made of animal-free synthetic material



The fabric qualities which are used for the ColorFlag consulting cloths and fabric color fans correspond to the Ökotex 100 standard. The sustainability of the products consists of:

  • A careful material selection
  • The professional and solid manufacture for a long life and many assignments
  • The lasting joy of working with it

 The fabric designs we design are printed on ecological qualities in cotton and cotton-linen blends!