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FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions


Why does Colorcircus not use glossy lining fabrics? We have deliberately opted for matt, natural qualities in pure cotton or with a high cotton content, which are mainly used for ready-made clothing. These fabrics have pleasant haptics and do not look artificially. No shine falsifies the color effect. A further advantage is that the fabrics do not charge themselves electrically and the hair does not "fly". Due to the matte surface, the ColorFlag consulting cloths adhere to each other by themselves. Placing and removing the cloths can be done at rest. An additional fixation is hardly necessary.

Why are ColorFlag consulting cloths hemmed? The high-quality material corresponds to the careful processing: All-round hemmed with color-coordinated yarns and a fixed color number. Each ColorFlag cloth will accompany you in good shape as a long-term purchase through many consulting years. This is the hand tool you will enjoy as a consultant for a long time - and, of course, your clients.

Why are no glossy lining fabrics used for the fabric color fans? We use the same qualities for all color fans as for our consulting materials. Thus, it all harmoniously agree. Also with these products it is of great advantage that they correspond to real clothing and have a natural surface.


Why does the "dark winter" also have gold in the color scale? Not only the ColorPocket "Winter / Priority Dark" differs in detail from "Winter" after the classic four basic seasons. It is not an arbitrary color definition, but an internationally recognized term. The color images of the 4 x 3-seasons system (with us called "Basic +") are based on a more differentiated subdivision within the seasons, which has been trained around the world since the 1960s and used as a consulting basis. More can be found by comparing our corresponding article pages to the different systems.

Why do you offer so many different color systems? Very simple: Because there are many (and much more) color consulting approaches! Each system has proven its worth, is self-contained and results in a type-specific result. It is worthwhile to look curiously beyond the borders of one's own color limits and to overcome reservations.

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